Wallops Island and the NASA Antares Launch

I was stoked when I got the email saying I had been accepted for the NASA Social program for the Antares launch. The area took some work getting to, as Amtrak only gets so close, but take it from my earlier posts (and those still to come) from this trip- the area is beautiful.

Part of the NASA Social thing was getting to explore the flight facilities, where guides gave detailed tours on the manufacturing, launching, and use of current aeronautic equipment. I’m not gonna play like I’m a huge space nut. My knowledge of what NASA does barely extends past what you see in movies, but others chosen for this seamed like true space fans, and couldn’t contain their joy. Even if I didn’t understand something I was being shown, it was cool seeing how excited the others were, in between all the grammin’.

The day of the launch was beautiful, and people showed up in droves at NASA’s visitor center while we and other press were trucked off to a much closer location. Honestly though, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the launch itself or how I would feel. Would it be awe? Would I just have this cynical “that’s it?” response from being conditioned with big, dramatic footage of the old shuttle launches?

How I ended up feeling was just… small. The noise, the spectacle, and watching as the rocket went into the clouds and just disappeared was truly unique. Those few seconds of intensity left me thankful that I got the chance to do all this, but I also wanna encourage y’all to apply for a chance to do this as well! NASA loves bringing in new people to see and share what they do, and who knows you might even see me at another one.

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