Portland: The Next Day

I’m not a heavy drinker, so I’ve learned how to have a good time without downing a million beers. The next morning I was in the perfect level of excitement and exhaustion to go exploring, without any of the blurriness and crankiness a hangover might give.

My friend Jana and I had perfect light to go explore the northern side of Portland, and after a big mess of vegan biscuits and gravy, we decided to do it all by walking. This was my first day of this whole railpass experiment where I was in a new city and not biking around it.

There’s pros and cons to this way of exploring. You can’t cover as much ground, but those places you do go, you’re able to investigate much more thoroughly. Honestly, I was just happy to have a friend to talk to. It was only at this time that I realized how little I had actually spoken the past two weeks, as a lot of my time had been spent biking and investigating and photographing on my own- none of those being activities where you have a lot of reasons to talk unless someone else is with you.

Still though, I was pleased with how much we did see, and how aesthetically interesting Portland is. I get why so many creatives I know visit there and want to move there.

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That's all the planning I do.

Traveling around the western US, I started Railpass as a 15-day train trip to circle western America, explore new areas throughout the U.S., have surprising adventures, and document the experiences.

Taking only a few cameras, a bicycle, and a change of clothes, each stop on that route was a full day's worth of adventure. The train rides between destinations offered a chance to talk to other rail-travelers, recuperate, and (of course) blog here.

This blog started as a photo-journal of that trip, and continues to be updated with further adventures via train.


My name is Brent Knepper.

I'm a freelance photographer from Chicago, IL. My first train trip happened when I skipped class in high school and took my bmx bike with me from rural Virginia to New York. My parents have since forgiven me.